Trusting. Growing. Kingdom Building.


These three words define us as a congregation. We’ve witnessed God’s faithfulness, that when He calls you He’ll see it through. And with that, we’re fearless, trusting in Him and chasing every calling He places on our hearts.

We’re a growing church. Yes, we’re growing in number but this church is more than an inch deep. There is a desire to grow closer together as a family and closer to the Lord. Discipleship is who we are.

We’re also not comfortable in these four walls. God did not bring us out of the wilderness to enjoy our new home on our own. We’re committed to building God’s kingdom, of speaking hope into the lives of the people of Montgomery County. There’s work to be done and we’re committed to keep our feet and mouths moving.



Learn more about who we are as a local church but also as a small part in the larger mission of the Church of the Nazarene.

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