"Unplugged" is not just a flashy name for a youth ministry. Our goal is to be a place where our students can literally "unplug" from the devices that demand so much of their attention. It's our desire for them that they build real relationships with their peers, find joy without the need for electronics, and to become aware of our God who often moves in simple and "unplugged" ways. 

How do we hope accomplish this? In our meetings, electronics are put away to make room for conversations with those in the group. We'll play games that get them laughing and connecting the dots between their life and God's desire for them. We will aim in all instances to be that place where they can plug into a life with God and His people and unplug from those things that keep us from that.

We hope you'll join us as we seek to make this a reality in your student's life and in the life of our church. Below you can find information on Kelly, our youth director, and keep up with all of the details as to what's happening here at Crawfordsville Naz.