Our first Sunday night Coffee and Conversation will be Sunday, August 12th at 6:00pm!


Join us on Sunday evenings, 6:00pm, for coffee and conversation. Over time we will cover a multitude of hot topics, portions of Scripture, and even work through various books. Our purpose for a Sunday evening service like this? To allow a safe space to ask questions, make comments, and learn from each other. It is our hope that we will all be transformed by the people we rub shoulders with and the best way to do that is over a cup of coffee as equals. Join us as we all seek answers together!


A quick look at what's ahead:

Why does church matter?
Church and State
Changing Generations and how to Engage
Mental Health
What is Holiness and Sanctification?
What's the Trinity?
7 Sins and 7 Virtues

We're hoping these topics connect with us where we are in life, give us a better understanding of how Scripture speaks to these issues, and help to equip us to live more faithful lives outside the walls of this building.