Our Journey Through Scripture

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As our Church has grown substantially with young adults, one thing I've heard more than most is, "I don't know anything about the Bible," or "It's intimidating and I don't know where to start." Those comments became the driving force for a new and bold series in our church. 

Over the course of the next year, our entire congregation (from kids up) will be learning and relearning the stories at the center of who we are as Christ Followers. We'll journey through the beginning, Abraham, Noah, Daniel, Jonah, the Judges and many others, all the way to Jesus, the Apostles, the first church in Acts and finishing on Paul and Barnabas. As we journey through these stories together, my hope is that you'll find the Bible less intimidating and more alive than you've experienced before. These are the stories that form the foundation of our lives, the center of who we are.

However, we also believe the Bible isn't just a collection of individual stories, but One story telling the Truth - that God is faithful. Each of these stories can illuminate that Truth to us in more nuanced ways. The best part of this series is that by the end, you'll be able to see the bigger picture of our God who loves you and is faithful to the end.

Each week we'll provide you with a Core Reading Guide that's meant to help you engage with Scripture in meaningful ways. Our whole congregation will spend our devotional times reading through the story for that week, working through the guide, and filling up their Bibles with thoughts, underlines, highlights, and inspiration. Our small groups will be spending their time engaging with the parts of the story that engaged you the most. We'll culminate the week in our worship together on Sunday mornings as I, Pastor Josh, will share a word from the Lord relating to that story. This series will truly define our congregation this year.

Let me leave you with this: Don't try to "master" the Scriptures. Instead, let them "master" you. - Dan Boone